Stacket 3PL WMS

Stacket: A premium 3PL WMS solution for SMBs

Stacket offers a tailored 3PL WMS designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Our comprehensive solution ensures efficiency, accuracy, and growth, empowering your operations with cutting-edge technology and dedicated support. Experience the advantage of a premium system built to meet the unique needs of SMBs in the 3PL industry.


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Improved Efficiency

Stacket 3PL WMS

Increase efficiency through Stacket 3PL WMS

Stacket 3PL WMS is born from the real-world, hands-on experience of entrepreneurs who’ve walked in your shoes, managing 3PL warehouses.

They’ve witnessed the unique, complex challenges that are part and parcel of your daily operations and engineered a solution specifically designed to address these issues. 

Experience the game-changing difference with Stacket 3PL WMS. Born from real-world 3PL challenges, it combines technology and business intelligence to empower exponential growth. 

Why Stacket?

Choosing Stacket means opting for a versatile, cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) designed explicitly for third-party logistics (3PL) providers. Stacket’s modular architecture allows you to add features as your business grows, ensuring tailored functionality and scalability without a complete system overhaul.

With advanced inventory tracking, seamless carrier integration, and automated invoicing, Stacket ensures peak performance through sophisticated load balancing and resource management algorithms.

Precision inventory control with real-time stock updates and intuitive dashboards

  • Seamless multi-warehouse management with bin-level accuracy and Intra and Inter warehouse-transferring ability 
  • Multiple UoM management – Orders are received in some other UoM and shipped in another while stock is maintained with all UoM visibility. 
  • User-friendly dashboard and reporting to show immediate inventory levels, locations, and movements to both 3PL owners and their clients for comprehensive visibility 

Flexible Receiving, Efficient Returns, Multi-Platform Integration, and Labor-Saving Automation

  • Ability to handle complete and partial receiving in any unit of measure 
  • Reverse orders functionality is implemented to simplify the process of not shipping items picked by mistake.
  • Integration with barcode scanners minimizes the effort needed to receive and shelve products, saving approximately 5X labor cost and time. 
  • Ability to plan receiving for FTL and LTL.

Pick and Pack for B2B and D2C clients

  • Ability to handle outbound requests in any unit of measure 
  • Picking speed increased through the integration of barcode scanners with mobile devices. 
  • Multiple order picking ability through consolidated reports and inbuilt location tracking
  • Auto-generating order requests from Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart provides D2C businesses with an opportunity to sell on multiple platforms and consolidate their inventory in one place.

Seamless Shipping Carrier Integration, Smart Packaging and Shipment Choices

  • We are integrated with five top-tier shipping carriers (USPS, UPS, DHL e-commerce, FedEx, EPost Global). This integration offers our customers a wide range of options to compare, allowing them to select the best quote based on cost, delivery speed, and reliability.
  • Bundled and split shipping ability provided to ship multiple products in one shipment or split in multiple shipments.
  • Real-time tracking information from carriers allows warehouse operators and customers to view current shipment status updates. 

Customized Rate Cards, Automated Invoicing, and Integrated Payment Solutions for Precision and Ease

  • Ability to customize rate cards with storage, picking, and packing services as per customer requirements 
  • Automated invoice generation per customer, at a click of a button, for all services setup in the rate cards.  
  • The application already includes calculations and algorithms that allow the 3PL owners to include all storage and shipping charges and additional service requests in the invoice.  
  • Integrated with payment gateways like PayPal to send invoices directly to the customer through email.

Advanced Inventory Solutions – Kitting, Batch Processing, Stock Transfer

  • Multiple services are developed in Stacket to simplify inventory management processes and streamline order fulfillment with enhanced customer satisfaction: 
  • Kitting – managing the process of combining individual items into ready-to-ship kits 
  • FIFO Batching processing the process of ensuring that the oldest inventory items are shipped out first, ensuring quality and compliance with storage standards  
  • Cross docking – Method to allow incoming shipments to be directly transferred to outbound trucks, reducing storage time and handling costs  

Customer Facing Portal

  • Customer level accuracy and dedicated customer allocations are also catered within the system.
  • Customer specific rate cards allow the warehouse owners to implement customizable rate cards according to the client SLAs. 
  • Stacket empowers 3PL owners to keep their clients happy with dedicated access portals, where they get role-based permissions to view order status updates and stock reports. 
  • Detailed performance tracking metrics and reports per client 

Facilitating the Digital Revolution Throughout the
Logistics Network

Leading the charge in integrating digital technologies throughout the logistics ecosystem, our aim is to significantly enhance efficiency, transparency, and connectivity. By revolutionizing traditional processes and fostering innovation, we pave the way for a dynamic and adaptive logistics landscape.

What we do?

Cutting-edge omnichannel fulfillment solutions, along with revolutionary OMS and WMS software, to boost sales, cut costs, and streamline operations.

What we do fot it?

For omnichannel, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers, finding growth partners is crucial, rather than merely selecting vendors.

Streamline your operations
through integrations with the most used platforms

Compatible with Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, WooCommerce, Magento, and others. This allows our clients to integrate their sellers’ online stores into one platform with smooth data flow.  

Real-time inventory synchronization updates inventory levels in real-time across all connected e-commerce platforms. 

With our service, tracking information is updated simultaneously across all platforms. This transparency allows the end customer to see real-time shipping updates on the integrated e-commerce marketplace, providing a sense of reassurance and visibility.  

What Our Customers Say

At Dream Beyond, we believe in letting our clients’ experiences speak for themselves. Please take a moment to see what our valued customers say about their partnership with us. We’re proud to share their stories of success and satisfaction as they highlight the impact of our solutions on their businesses. Explore our client testimonials below to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

"Stacket 3PL WMS has revolutionized how we manage our inventory. The real-time tracking and analytics have given us unparalleled control over our supply chain, reducing our waste and increasing efficiency across the board. It's not just a platform; it's a game-changer for our business." — Jordan M., Operations Manager

Jordan M. Operations Manager

"Since integrating Stacket 3PL WMS into our warehouse operations, we've seen a 30% increase in our order fulfillment speed and accuracy. The intuitive interface and powerful features like bin-level precision have made inventory management a breeze. Stacket 3PL WMS isn't just a part of our workflow; it's the heart of our success." — Alicia R., Warehouse Supervisor.

Alicia R. Warehouse Supervisor

"Implementing Stacket 3PL WMS was a strategic move that paid off beyond expectations. The seamless integration with our retail channels has increased customer satisfaction rates due to more accurate and faster shipping. Stacket has not only supported our growth but propelled it." — Mike K., CEO

Mike K. CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Stacket 3PL WMS is a state-of-the-art warehouse management system designed to optimize 3PL operations. It streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and provides real-time visibility into inventory, orders, and shipments, ultimately improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

Yes, Stacket 3PL WMS is scalable and adaptable, catering to warehouses of all sizes. Whether you're managing a small warehouse or a large distribution center, Stacket can be customized to meet your specific needs and grow with your business.

Stacket 3PL WMS offers robust inventory management features, including real-time tracking, barcode scanning, and automated replenishment. It ensures accurate inventory counts, minimizes stockouts, and optimizes warehouse space utilization.

Yes, Stacket 3PL WMS is designed to seamlessly integrate with various ERP systems, allowing for smooth data synchronization and process automation across different platforms.

Stacket 3PL WMS offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, providing insights into key performance metrics such as order fulfillment rates, and inventory turnover. Customizable dashboards and real-time data visualization tools empower users to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

Yes, Stacket 3PL WMS is equipped to handle multi-client and multi-site operations, enabling 3PL providers to efficiently manage multiple warehouses and serve diverse customer bases from a single platform.

Stacket 3PL WMS follows the industry's best data security and compliance practices, including encryption, user access controls, and regular audits. It also complies with relevant regulations, such as GDPR, and ensures data integrity and confidentiality.

Stacket is designed by 3PL warehouse professionals who’ve experienced the challenges firsthand. Our focus on accuracy, efficiency, and growth sets us apart.

Stacket 3PL WMS is empowering precision, efficiency, and growth. Experience seamless integration, real-time inventory management, and scalable solutions with Stacket 3PL WMS. Join industry leaders who have transformed their operations with our platform. Discover the Stacket 3PL WMS difference today.

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